Tuesday, August 25, 2015

dis-jointed dedicated 2 my brothers & siSt⭐rs


I’ve been holding this in for awhile now
I think that it's time for us to have a sit down
a face to face a conversation
there are some things that need discussing
first, I miss you
I apologize for not standing up for you
for trying to hold it down on my own
but since you started to neglect yourself
and place blame on everyone else but yourself
I didn't know what to do
but to distance myself from you
now I see that it was wrong of me
to leave you in your time of need
we are made for each other
complimentary colors,
mixtures of different hues
the plight we share
as each generation grows
is the same
but the foundation
has crumbled and is beginning to fade

so I ask that we pitch in
and get to work
it's gonna get messy
and some feelings may get hurt
we have been carrying a great weight
and the longer we allow this burden
to sink us further
I fear that there will be a day
we will not be able to reach each other

so today I ask
that we stop the disrespect
stop running and stand your ground
that we acknowledge each other
and not tear our spirits down
not give into meaningless
but that we work on
rebuilding this foundation
find the trust for one another again
that we come together
and stand united, brotha to sistah
friend to friend
arm in arm we not surrender
or give into the fears
that have been plaguing
our communities, our psyches
for so many years
let not another stake be wedged
between us
let's defend this
space that we have
between us
by bridging the gap
so tight, and enforcing
this connection
with all our might

so my brotha, my sistah
do you forgive me?
as I have forgiven you ...

© sharbi3 2006

Thursday, August 20, 2015

''nimaerD n reveRse

I think too much. 

Get caught up in my thoughts and such. 

Make dreams realities and wet paintings touched. 

Where stars are dark matters burning lights. 

Caught in thoughts 

Where birds take wingless flights 
and fish live in trees. 

Sense isn't made by dollars making change. 

When the sun reverses and becomes the moon, 
tides sucked into the ocean's vacuum. 

I think too much, 

Like dreams are strange. 

When realities are no longer games.

©2015 Sharbi3

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just breathe...

The other night, I woke up to a thought: Money is not evil, nor is money the root of evil. Without people's worship of money, it would be worthless. It's just paper.

Often, ones place more value in the thought instead of the action of acquiring "things". If only I had this, I could get this, and then I would be ______. A cycle that doesn't end because one is always chasing the next "thing". First the thought of how to obtain it, then the action of getting it (with or without consequence). 

We fight one and others for "things". We kill one and others for "things". We worship those we perceive as having "things" we may not. Longing for the intangibles, we forget about how, who and what we are, were or will be withOUT those "things". 

In birth, we are given but one thing ... breath of life. In death, it is taken away.

Living would be so simple, if there were less focus on acquiring "things" we do not need.

Why do we destroy each other for "things" when the ONE and only thing that matters is living?

Friday, August 7, 2015

All i want 2 HeaR

hectic ramblings
whirling all around
dizzying chaos

the clock continues to chime
as the seconds steadily
wind down time
expected sunrises
and predictable glowing sunsets

seasons change
fall back
spring ahead
meridians remain the same
lats and lons never change

life and death
and the time in between
how often do you do
the unpredictable things?

take a break from
your everyday

sometimes it's good to hear
three simple words
to make everything
that is shattered in your world
so clear and easier to piece
back together

simpler to hear the joy in
children's laughter
allows your eyes to
capture the clarity
in the midst of the cloudy haze

from the lips of
someone so dear
all i really want
to hear
is . . .
I . . .
Love . . .
sentirme, mi corazón está escuchando

copyright (c) sharbi3 2006

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Leap of Faith

what is right 
what may be
Not fitting
in the niche
where one
to voices
to be
instead of

How does one know
which choice to make?

Which chance to forsake?

When to await
karma's fate?

Traveling roads
for destinations
Wrong turns
at the fork.




or fate.

born to make
what's beyond
the gate.

Only locks
of regret.

a short while,
step forward.

Take a leap
of faith.

©2015 Sharbi3

Friday, July 24, 2015

U've Got a Friend in ME

I'll be ur movie date
or ur coffee break.

But my ❤,
it's not urs
2 take.

I say this
in all honesty.

that u'll
feel me,

I only wish,
2 b
ur friend.

I'll be like
Buzz Lightyear.

I'll defend u
until the end
or fly
through the
for you.

real friends
do. 😊

©2015 Sharbi3

Sunday, June 7, 2015


if I believed in wishes,
more would come true
Reality sets in,
shaded a grayish blue
I bring my own personal sunshine
It's the only way to be
When your heart is set on
making dreams
All to often,
our minds trick us
Making believe
that what's out there,
is not for us
Who's to say
what promises have been made?

Like Langston said
so long ago
"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams go, life is a barren field frozen over with snow..."

And I say,
stay the course,
although obstacles may appear
If you forget your dreams,
Or put them to the side
Even your own personal sunshine
May run and hide

©2015 Sharbi3