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Prince was touched.  From the very beginning, a child prodigy who became a musical genius.  He came from a spirit-filled family and his ...

Sunday, April 2, 2017



The ?S

What if Get Out was a warning?
What if the proposed wall is designed to keep us in?
What if we've already encountered aliens?
What if there were no borders?
What would happen if black folks got reparations?
What if we're already living in the past and the future was yesterday?
What if Prince didn't die?
If music brings peace and happiness, why don't more people get along?
What if we actually vibrated at the same frequency?
What if all the questions were answered?
Would there still be more ?s

Saturday, April 1, 2017



Haven't written in awhile
Don't know why I wait so long
When April comes, poetry is strong
So much going on, in life
There's plenty to write about
Never wanted to stick out
Played the background
Thought that was where I belonged
I too have a story to tell
Each day, this April, maybe you'll
Get to know me well
Maybe you'll see the light in me
Finally shining from all the darkness
Maybe you'll relate to my story
Maybe you'll want to share
There's a testimony in these words
I hope you wish me well

#AprilisNationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

L💜v34OneAnother O(+>

Prince was touched. 

From the very beginning, a child prodigy who became a musical genius. 

He came from a spirit-filled family and his works are filled with both sexual (the human side) and spiritual (the God side). 

See, we're all God's children. 

I believe that Prince knew his purpose, fulfilled it, and when he was done, he went back home. All u really need to do is listen to the Affirmations on Art Official Age. 

Yes, he knew his time was nearing its end. After the final Atlanta show he tweeted that he had been transformed. Those Piano & A Microphone shows were his last gifts to us. If u noticed, he made sure to play around the world in major cities. 

Prince has always left "clues" in his music. He always stayed the same, just trying to reach the masses with his message of L💜ve4OneAnother.

I believe that God sends people to Earth to share specific information so that humanity can learn compassion and become a united front for love. God is Love. Prince loved God. Now we must L💜v3OneAnother. Peace O(+>

Sunday, April 17, 2016

17/30 - The Divine Feminine


I agree with @Erykah Badu and what she said about young girls wearing longer skirts. About men/boys being naturally attracted to girls/women of child-bearing age.

Not that I need to explain myself or because she needs a cosigner, but there is truth in her light. Let these words take flight and be blessed by the Most High. Peace

See, E.Badu was givin' the youth wise-Universe
Cuz in this society, respect is not givin'

to the divine feminine energy
and her physical beauty


naturally we are attracted to the opposite sex

Reproduction is the object of the quest.

Pheromones are released in seasons of rejuvenation

We are at heightened sensitivities


in THIS society

The naturalness of sex and attraction has been demonized

Venus Hottentot was made a mockery

because of the shape of her bust and rounded thighs

The Divine Feminine Energy,

once held high,

has been ostracized

Replaced by video vixens and stripper pole hotties
dancing for the pleasure of misogynistic men's eyes

Her natural beauty has been mimicked,

her full lips and shapely eyes

have been appropriated

Leaving her to feel

as if she's no longer celebrated

I tell my young siSt⭐rs and my own daughter, to show some self-respect

She has to DEMAND it, or she'll have nothing left.

It's not that covering up her beauty or her shapely body

will magically make her less likely to be raped or deflect demeaning names common today

She's not a bitch, a hoe or a T.H.O.T.

She's the essence of the Universe

The shining light

Her energy is like the Sirrius st⭐r burning in the darkness

She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and the future of mankind between her thighs

She's an empress, a Goddess, a princess, a Queen on high.

It's been all too common-place

to make her feel a disgrace

To promote her physicalities for sexual pleasure

To sexualize her be-ing and make her mistrust

To force her to take on the role of the man

Raise his seeds with a single hand

Too many youth today don't have a mom and/or a dad to show them the way

To see a man treat his woman like a queen and pedestal her

To see a woman treat her man like a king, the protector and provider of his domain

No we are not property, this ain't slavery

We are the embodiment of the universe's plan.

To walk this earth hand in hand.

There would be no feminist movement or a need to reclaim our Feminine Pow-her

If we would recognize the real and uphold Nature's promise

Be kind,
take care of

MOTHER's nature, she holds the power of life and death, her wrath is a force to be reckoned with

Recognize the woman's Divineness

Give respect where is respect is due. The world will be a much better place if we do.


"Let righteousness cover the EA🌍RTH"

©Sharbi3 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

9/30 - Tipping Point

They say, opinions are like azzholes ... everybody's got one


Everyone has a heart too

Everyone has the ability to be compassionate

Everyone has a brain, filled with thoughts ... good and bad

Just imagine if everyone used their powers for good

For the good of everyone else

Some would say, that's a very utopic idea.

And then there would be the ones that say, where's the balance if everyone is doing good for everyone else.

Imagine that. Where's the balance in the bad? In judging? In not being a humanitarian? In not being empathetic? Huh

Does your heart feel
Does your heart feel
Does your heart feel ...

heavier or lighter on your scale?

What's the tipping point?


©Sharbi3 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016

8/30 - elevator thoughts

8/30 - elevator thoughts

OK, so, I know the purpose of elevators
Cuz like, unless ur super fitness minded, most are lazy ( like myself) and press the button


Oh snap, here comes the anxiety
Oh no, you're too close
Why are they all up in my space?
Why are they not speaking English?
Are they talking about me?

I face the door
Waiting all of two minutes, that feels like forever, when is the door gonna open?
Why'd he wear so much Cologne?
I can't breathe.

Dang, why is it so quiet?

I don't wanna be stuck in here, this little box, with these six strangers

Hurry up

What happens if we get stuck
Do I push the fire button

Oh shit!! I'm stuck in here with six strangers

I gotta pee!!

©Sharbi3 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do U

Do you

Wake up to a new day and give thanks?
Do you

Reflect on your imperfections and realize God doesn't make mistakes?
Do you

Touch your skin and bask in its hue
Realizing that there is NO ONE that is you?
Do you

Watch the sky as clouds go by and dream about wanting to be able to fly?
Do you

Stop and smell the blossoming flowers in the springtime?
Do you

Know that you are magic?

Do you?