Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do U

Do you

Wake up to a new day and give thanks?
Do you

Reflect on your imperfections and realize God doesn't make mistakes?
Do you

Touch your skin and bask in its hue
Realizing that there is NO ONE that is you?
Do you

Watch the sky as clouds go by and dream about wanting to be able to fly?
Do you

Stop and smell the blossoming flowers in the springtime?
Do you

Know that you are magic?

Do you?

Sunday, January 10, 2016



They will not let us UNIFY.
Our Unity is their fear.
They will not let us UNIFY.
Our collective economics is where our POWER lies.
They will not let us UNIFY.
Our pride is too strong.
We cannot let the DREAM die.
It's not up to them.
Our Unity is our community.
Our fight is not with them.
When we fight each other.
Our POWER is in our community.
Our community is full of economic strength.
When the collective is joined arm in arm.
We will win.
Don't let the DREAM die.
Our Unity is their fear.
Our collective economics is where our POWER lies.
Our pride is too strong.
Our Unity is our community.
Our community is full of economic strength.
When the collective is joined arm in arm.
We will win.
We will win.
We will win.
We will win.
We will win.

©2016 Sharbi3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FutUre, 2morrOw

Phew, where to begin

I didn't think in 2015

We'd still be trying to keep King's dream

Growing up, back in the day

Seemed like the future was something

We all wanted to belong to

So many things in the past
Thought we'd get past

Yet, some people wanna forget

The others, well they try

But every day it keeps coming back

All this religion

Ain't nobody saved Yet?

Where did the souls go

The ones that paved these roads

What happened to humanity

One could say, gone to INSANITY

It's crazy to think, to say, to do, or to be

Just another human be-ing

We're passing strangers, things

Getting stranger by the day

When we get too close

There's no words left to say

Just throw up your hands and holler

I wanna think, hope, pray for a better tomorrow

But then I realize, that's what our parents said

So what do we tell our children

In all this strife and sorrow

Things have got to get better

Or there will be no future, tomorrow

© 2015 Sharbi3

Monday, September 28, 2015

Oh To Be

Oh to be a raindrop on a flower petal.

To be so delicate as to nourish 

yet strong enough to free fall.

Oh to be a star in the heavens.

So far out in the ether 

yet bright enough to shine a light.

Oh to be a heart whose beat goes pitter patter.

To be the pulse that fuels a love hereafter.

©2015 Sharbi3

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yeah ... that.

You ever been with, around or close to someone
Who makes you feel so much?
Amplifies every color?
Makes your skin glow from the slightest touch?
Finishes your sentences
And invades your thoughts?

Yeah, that.

That one who notices every little detail
From how you wear your hair
To the faintness of your perfume smell
How your brow raises in thought
Or when your mood changes
He's right there cheering you on
Arms wide open, hugging you so warm

Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much
He laughs at your corny jokes and such
His gaze is so focused, you are afraid he'll see right through you
And when your eyes meet his
He feels the complete you


Too bad, he's the guy across the street, or behind the counter
Or he's taken by another
Or he's just a figment in your dreams
Yet you keep holding on to the feeling
That one day he'll notice you and wake you up

©2015 Sharbi3

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

dis-jointed dedicated 2 my brothers & siSt⭐rs


I’ve been holding this in for awhile now
I think that it's time for us to have a sit down
a face to face a conversation
there are some things that need discussing
first, I miss you
I apologize for not standing up for you
for trying to hold it down on my own
but since you started to neglect yourself
and place blame on everyone else but yourself
I didn't know what to do
but to distance myself from you
now I see that it was wrong of me
to leave you in your time of need
we are made for each other
complimentary colors,
mixtures of different hues
the plight we share
as each generation grows
is the same
but the foundation
has crumbled and is beginning to fade

so I ask that we pitch in
and get to work
it's gonna get messy
and some feelings may get hurt
we have been carrying a great weight
and the longer we allow this burden
to sink us further
I fear that there will be a day
we will not be able to reach each other

so today I ask
that we stop the disrespect
stop running and stand your ground
that we acknowledge each other
and not tear our spirits down
not give into meaningless
but that we work on
rebuilding this foundation
find the trust for one another again
that we come together
and stand united, brotha to sistah
friend to friend
arm in arm we not surrender
or give into the fears
that have been plaguing
our communities, our psyches
for so many years
let not another stake be wedged
between us
let's defend this
space that we have
between us
by bridging the gap
so tight, and enforcing
this connection
with all our might

so my brotha, my sistah
do you forgive me?
as I have forgiven you ...

© sharbi3 2006

Thursday, August 20, 2015

''nimaerD n reveRse

I think too much. 

Get caught up in my thoughts and such. 

Make dreams realities and wet paintings touched. 

Where stars are dark matters burning lights. 

Caught in thoughts 

Where birds take wingless flights 

and fish live in trees. 

Sense isn't made by dollars making change. 

When the sun reverses and becomes the moon, 

tides sucked into the ocean's vacuum. 

I think too much, 

Like dreams are strange. 

When realities are no longer games.

©2015 Sharbi3