Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Relatively Thinking

Every time 

I start to dwell in, 

on the heaviness of things

I remember 

how tiny 

and insignificant 

trivial matters are

When we look beyond 

our small range of vision


how bold and powerful we are

In the grand scheme of things

It's all just energy

Negative -


Positive +

However you choose 

to fuel your inner-G

Is where you dwell

This universe is too big

This blue, green marble we're on 

is just a speck of dust 

in creation

All there is

And ever will be

Just is

And it's all



A famous person once said, 

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen."

(This quote can be attributed to Henry David Thoreau or Ralph Waldo Emerson. I'll let the scholars decide.)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ode to Baltimore's Freddie Gray

Times, they are a 'changin
Winds are blowin' in all directions
Cross-section, interchanging alignments
Frequencies pitched higher
Are you tuned in
Or are you turned off
There is no synching
When the time has been rearranged
Keep holding on to the past
Ways of thinkin'
You'll blink twice
Then find you're sinking
Rush to the surface for air
Only to find it's stale
It's acrid, full of hate, fear and confusion
It's not an illusion
It's fate
It's the head of a snake
Backed into a corner
Only way out
Attack the attacker
Bite the provoker
Release the venom
Held back in wait
The only fear
To fear itself
Is hate

©2015 Sharbi3

Rise strong warriors, the time is near.
May your souls be the wind that energizes the masses. Awaken those in a perpetual state of sleep. #BlackLivesMatter

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is 
Black is yellow, brown, red, green, bronze, gold, cream
Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is all the colors in the spectrum
Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is the absence of light
Black is the universe at night - sunlight
Black is
Black is
Black is
Black is

©2015 Sharbi3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

writing SOMETHING cold

i wanted to write something 

 S o m E T H i N G 

 just joking, Ha! 

 listening 2 D'Angelo 
tellin' me 2 send it on
 i realize that 


 or  cold 
 it's chill y frost y

        without warmth 

 of another person near 

 2 snuggle 
chill away 
 tell me spring is on it's edge 

 that's not what I wanted to write either 

 just a sentimental feeling 

 about how much 
i actually 


 i always remember my favorite poem 
by Robert Frost                     Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening 

... i have miles to go before I sleep, 
              miles to go before I sleep 

alert to all that is going on around me 
 trying to decide 
where to focus this energy 
 manifesting in me 
 as the universe conspires 
 for me
 to bring me 
to a place 
it says is for me 
be around those 
that are (in)for me 
 want to be with me in spirit, guidance, learning,
 adding more roots to my tree 

 I do not like this time of year 
with consumerism, 
there is no cheer for me 
 celebrating a fake baby 
that did nothing for you 

or me 

not succumbing
 to a fallacy 
 bright and shining star is already present 

 within me 
 i am present, 
 gift  me 
      you are my gift 
 my treasure 
here on earth 

 but i am not seen 
 beneath the dark, cold sky 

in my eyes 
 hidden by shadows 
  moonlight has yet to capture 
out side crisp night air, 
(in)side a heated space
i will lay my head down 
 dream of sandy beaches 
far away 
 where  warm waves 
of ocean caress my feet 

 i will dream away these winter blues 
believing in warmth 

 summer's radiant hues 
 i'll put on my fuzzy socks 

creating friction
remove chill from my feet 
as i cocoon myself in cotton blankets 

 did i remember to write something?

  S O M E T H I n G 




 it's too cold 

my thoughts are frozen 

(c) 2014 Sharbi3

Monday, September 1, 2014

Flawed Beautiful Creatures

I first heard the song "Flawed Beautiful Creatures" by Stacy Barthe while watching an episode of Love and Hip Hop. The title and the lyrics of the song resonated deeply with me, as I see so many of us, yes US, walking around as flawed, beautiful, creatures. With the height of war and racial tension in the air, fluctuating economics and social media distractions, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Beware of the dream killer, beware of the negative hound, beware of the light dimmer, beware of anything or anyone that means you no good. If someone or something is not adding value to your life, remove it or distance yourself from it.

With that being said, I am so glad for all of the perfect, problemless people out there in the world. Those where nothing is wrong and everything is right. Perfect. If there are such people, I mean this sincerely and I wish them all the best. Unfortunately, there are no perfect, problemless people. No, not one. We as individuals, whether rich or poor, whatever race, whatever circumstance, whatever religion, whatever spirituality, we are humans, facing a human existence in a world of unknowns. 

I am a firm believer that everyone has a gift. We are all purpose-filled. Otherwise, we would not be here. We all deserve love just as much as the next person. Some will use their gift(s) for negative thought and/or action, some will use their gift for more positive, moral laden thought or action. Others, may never realize their gift and spend their lives seeking.

Wherever you are, is where you are supposed to be. It is not necessarily permanent. We all have a story. My story may be different from others but our stories are similar. My judgements are moot because I choose to find the good. It is a conscious decision for me to look for the good in others. Since I do not know their circumstance, who am I to judge another? 

There will always be someone, somewhere telling you that you are not worthy. You are!! You're weird. Be weird. You're too this, too that, not enough of this, too much of that, be this, not that, etc. I am so glad that the artistic child with autism wasn't told to just sit down and shut up. Instead they were given a paint brush or crayons or an instrument to hone their gift. What if Mozart, Einstein, Michelangelo, Darwin or so many other famous people throughout the world; who were geniuses were dismissed because of their perceived mental illness, awkwardness, 'crazy talk' or whatever? Just think about how much society as a whole would have missed out had Paulo Coelho never escaped from the mental institution that his parents tried to commit him to as a child, all because he wanted to be a writer? 

We cannot simply be dismissive of people who we may think are wrong because they do not follow your preconceived notions. Or act the way that we think they should act. Or look the way you think they should look. We are humans, living on a planet, suspended in space. Creation is perfect, humans are flawed, yet beautiful creatures.

Everyone's path is not the same. Some follow the path of least resistance, some make their own paths, some make a strategic effort to dodge all of the obstacles, while some others are forced into a path they did not create nor intend to travel. There will be obstacles, there will be naysayers, do not be deterred, give in to your destiny. That voice inside telling you to create the next greatest invention, or give a warm smile to a stranger, pay it forward, protest against injustice, or just be a friend to someone in need, do that. Be that. No one is born inherently evil, hate is learned ... just like love. 

Something profound I heard while taking a class on religious diversity was that God, the Creator, The Most High, Supreme Being, Allah, Jehovah, or whatever you call It or They makes EVERYTHING in pairs. Meaning that there will always be good and evil, man and woman, protons and electrons, etc. It is by choice on whether we choose to live our human existence in a negative or positive manner. Whether we choose to do good and be good. Whether we choose to add value or detract. I implore everyone to take a look at your life, just as I have at mine and make a conscious choice to use your powers for good. Don't be the dream killer. Sure there is a voice of reason, listen to it and use it, if it resonates with you. Do not be afraid to make your own path, sometimes going against the grain may be a lonely and tedious effort but it is your own purpose that is soley yours to fill. There is only one you, you flawed, beautiful creature. 

                             "Flawed Beautiful Creatures"
Sometimes we're insecure, we're fragile
Sometimes we laugh at each other to make ourselves feel better
Sometimes we lie, sometimes we say things
That we really don't mean
But in the moment, seem like the thing to do

We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures
We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures

Is it a crime if a man kills to protect his own from harm's way
Who will be the judge anyway
What would you have done if the gun was in his hands
Feet were in his shoes
Guess you'll never know what you won't do
Cause in the moment might seem like the thing to do

We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures
We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures

Sometimes we gotta loose it to find it
We gotta loose
Sometimes we win, we live a while then gotta die
Why? Why?

We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures
We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Like Me

Some will say
why subject yourself
to so much pain?
Why let a tear fall,
it's their fault,
let it be
their downfall

When the levees broke,
I watched
from the comfort
of my home,
while bodies lay bloated
and afloat
on NOLA flooded streets
I cried loudly,
sobbing miserably
because all I could do
was make a donation
while people
in the Superdome

When Billie sang
of strange fruit
hanging from southern trees,
I wasn't born yet
but I could still smell the scent
of dead flesh
lingering in the breeze
Those colored folk,
people of great faith
And little means,
they don't mean
no-thing to me

I've glimpsed images
of festive gatherings,
smiling faces
while joyously cheering
the burning flesh
of a young black man
nailed to a cross

I've seen armored tanks,
with gas masked faced
police officers swarming
on a town
of peaceful protesters

Too many names
to list
of senseless murders
of unarmed men, women, boys and girls

Young black babies
used as bait for gators
Railcar porters smiling and cheesing
as they catered
Ms. Rosa Parks,
God rest her soul,
too tired to move any further

Garvey trying to make away
for us to get back
to the Motherland,
only to be stopped
by J Edgar's racist hand
Martin spoke
about a dream,
not yet realized
Even Malcolm
changed his outlook
to give peace a try

Bob's prophetic chants
so many years ago,
so much trouble in the world,
I still feel it
way down deep in my soul

We're always in the back,
behind closed doors
Masta rapin' and impregnatin'
young slave girls
Jefferson couldn't even deny his seed,
just like good ol' boy Strom did

it's not that
I intentionally
set out to see
or hear
or be
in the midst
of these injustices
and atrocities

I cannot help
but to feel
the pain they feel,
hear what they hear,
see what they see,
I've got sons like them,
a daughter like them

Those theys'
and thems'
and us' are black,
... just like me

©Sharbi3 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day 2014

My youth were raised in a single parent household ...

I am a woman, a mother, the nurturer, the gentle touch, the soft spoken voice of reason. Sure, I've been the disciplinarian, the breadwinner, the household repair person, the lawn care provider and many other roles that may have at one time been gender assigned. But one thing I am not, is a man. I will never be a father. I didn't teach my sons to stand up and pee, I couldn't possibly understand what it's like to be a he. I haven't taught them how to shave and I learned to tie a tie by practice. I will not ever be as strong as a man nor will I pretend that I can. Sure, I may wear pants, but with a feminine stance. I am only one half, the X, he provides the Y and determines the sex. It takes us two to create a youth and when the one day comes around a year, I'm going to give him his just due. I'll not take this time to steal his shine. I'll not add a tag to pin to his coat. I'll not take away his masculine energy. I will promote him and acknowledge those men that do. They fill the role that their supposed to. He cares for his seed and teaches them the way.  I give him all his props this and every other Father's Day!!!

Wishing all the fathers and father figures out there taking care of, providing proper guidance to and raising their youth (or taking on the responsibility for another man) a Very Happy Father's Day. Bless⬆